Working across the Highlands of Scotland & beyond

Commercial Diving & Rope Access

Commercial diving and rope access services for the gas, oil and renewables sectors, operating across the Highlands of Scotland and further afield.

Semi Submersible Oil Rig during Sunrise at Cromarty Firth

Combining Years of Cross Industry Marine Experience

Cromarty Firth Marine Services combines years of experience across a number of marine and challenging environment industries including commercial diving and rope access services for both off-shore and on-shore clients.


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What we do

Commercial Diving Services
Commercial Diving Services

Commercial diving for both on-shore and off-shore industries.

Commercial Diving Services
Rope Access

NDT, inspections, repair, maintenance & painting specialists.

Renewable Energy Services

Working closely with on-shore & off-shore energy providers in maintenance, inspection & construction.

Scaffolding Services

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Ray and his team inspected and fixed an issue on my vessel's propeller and rudder. The service was fast and efficient and I got back out to sea the same day as the problem arose saving time and money. Great work guys!

Norman McLean, Skipper, FV Consortium

Trusted by our clients

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