Unexploded Ordnance Services

Cromarty Firth Marine Services provides consultancy and removal of unexploded ordinance (UXO) on land and marine environments.

With our vast experience and our management team’s background as Royal Navy Clearance divers you can rest assured, we will manage your project with safety at the forefront, from risk assessment and survey through to detection and removal. The management of UXO risk is critical to avoid delay, unforeseen costs and possible injury.

With our track record in the oil and gas, civil and renewables sectors we can provide a tailored solution ahead of any development.

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What you get and who we are?

CFMS is a team of dedicated, industry professionals with years of experience and a variety of qualifications. We’re supported by a professional team ensuring over-delivery of expectations for every client, on every project.

Contact Cromarty Firth Marine Services today for a quote across any of our marine & safety services.

Alternatively, call us on 01349 201123

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