Renewable Energy Services

Cromarty Firth Marine Services provides commercial diving and rope access services to renewable industries worldwide.


With our combined cross industry experience in renewables and oil and gas you can rest assured we have the skills and expertise to ensure successful execution of your project. As an integrated subsea service company we also offer a comprehensive range of services and consultancy to the Offshore/Inshore, Telecommunications, Power Generation, Governmental and Marine Civil Engineering sectors.

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Why use us for your Renewable Energy Services?

Fully compliant with HSE and current guidance, we offer innovative solutions to the renewable energy industry including hydro, tidal, onshore and offshore wind. Our services include:


  • Project management
  • Subsea inspections
  • UXO consultation and removal
  • Shore End Cable Installation, removal & Burial •
  • Survey execution and report writing
  • Working at heights
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Technologies
  • Blade Repair

Our key differentiator lies in our military background with a number of key personnel having trained with the Royal Navy as Clearance Divers. Our expertise lies in UXO removal and consultancy and we can manage all other aspects of the project with military precision. We have a multitude of equipment we can deploy at short notice including, dive spreads, offshore support vessels and rope access equipment.


What you get and who we are?

CFMS is a team of dedicated, industry professionals with years of experience and a variety of qualifications. We’re supported by a professional team ensuring over-delivery of expectations for every client, on every project.

Contact Cromarty Firth Marine Services today for a quote across any of our marine & safety services.

Alternatively, call us on 01349 201123

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